Choose the best wordpress template for your site

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Choose the best wordpress template for your site

WordPress is a program that can be used to create a website or blog. However, you have to download the program if you don’t know how to use it. If you decide to use WordPress you will see some similarities between WordPress and social media blog.

You can follow my step by step blog — Wordpress Setup with Contribute details


1. Creating site name


I created my website using WordPress. It is a mix of the WordPress engine with a mimick; the ease of building a website together with the ease of setting up social media sites.

2. Name choice


As I explained before, the name of your website is also important. You do not want to make something bland and forget what you are looking for.


3. Servers and Support


You will need a web hosting provider to keep your website online and book a domain name, the competition between theses companies is high.

You should choose a web hosting company very cautiously, we don't recommend big multinationals because they don't pay enough attention to the support which is essential after being a product.


4. Downloading Wordpress


WordPress is a free web-based software, therefore there is no paid version available.

You can install it easily by downloading it to your web server by using FTP, or better nowadays most web hosting providers make it easier by using

automatic installers.


5. Content


With wordpress it's very easy to post data online, for example you can post pictures, videos, text, articles and much more, you will discover it by yourself.

You can upload data to your webserver, create web pages and print natively in the program as well as have content crawl across the site.



6. High Dynamic Design


I posted a number of videos to my website during the latter half of the year. For each video I used high dynamic templates for it to more easily transport the video and keep the video content front and center.


7. Want to access a WordPress site more easily?


Open web browsers make it simple to access a WordPress-based web-based website. For example, if you have a laptop and Google Chrome you can access a WordPress web-based website by typing in the Website.


8. Add to description


I added three paragraphs and tags to my content.


9. Use the code


WordPress has instructions about how to easily add text to your content.

One More Thing: To add a WordPress theme to your website, it is easy to install this WordPress theme which I used, WordForWords.

From a tutorial, “ WordPress Builds can help you create a WordPress theme”

I used this theme for my website because it combines both the HTML code, CSS, and GPU. Additionally, it is very scalable and easy to maintain.

When you update your website you have the freedom to decide what content goes in it. For example, you can include your photos of yourself, family, or people you know. This content might make a more entertaining link but also keep a dry site for people who do not know how to use a site like that.

Another cool way to make your website more accessible for a wide range of people is to upload videos to your website, during which people will see your background story and video players. In this way, you are giving people an extra reason to come back to your website. Another cool way to personalize your web-based site is to list your photos and videos. For example, you can search for the people you are featured with on your personal blog but you can also print out the photographs for people to have a first-hand view of you. WordPress can be modified and editing these pages is easy as well.