What Are The Best Ways to Choose the Right Domain Name for your Business?

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Choosing the best domain name for your website is a critical step. If you choose the wrong domain name, it will impact your online presence and hurt your brand’s rankings. That’s why choosing the right domain is as important as choosing a business idea.

Read this article to find 10 attractive ways to choose domain names.

1# Select easy to type name:

Always choose a domain name that is easy to type for your online audience. If you use a name with multiple spellings and difficult expression patterns, it becomes harder for your audience to find you.

2# Choose a short name:

Always keep your domain name short and simple. If you choose a long and complex domain name, you might get a chance to lose your customers. A simple and short domain name reduces the chances of misspelling or mistyping.

3# Select the right keywords:

The accurate keywords boost the presence of your online business. Always choose keywords that describe your business. It improves your ranking among search engines and boosts organic traffic to drive potential customers.

4# Choose your targeted area:

Always choose your targeted area wisely. Add city, state, or country name in your domain name. It will help local customers to find your business. Use a geographical domain extension that matches the requirements of your business.

5# Do not use hyphens or numbers:

Using hyphens or numbers might misguide your customers. People might get confused with 5 or five while searching your website. However, if you are enthusiastic enough for using hyphens or numbers, register your domain with different variations on the safe side.

6# Use a catchy domain name:

Choosing a memorable domain is not easy. Thousands of domain names are already registered. It is a perfect idea to choose a domain name and then share it with your friends or family members to get to know about it. Connect it to your social media platforms to increase your online presence.

7# Find value of your domain:

Always choose a domain name that does not have copyright or trademark issues. It can cost you both legal and financial damages.  GoDaddy is the largest reseller of aftermarket domain names. Use GoDaddy Domain Appraisals to identify the value of your domain.

8# Select a perfect domain name extension:

Extensions including .com, .org, .biz, .me, .info or .net have specific functions. Usually, the .com domain extension is worldwide famous. However, it might be challenging at the same time. Register your domain with short and relevant name extensions.

9# Control your online identity:

Always purchase multiple domain extensions even misspelled versions of it. It will help your customers to reach your website even if they mistype your domain name. It also reduces the chances of competitors registering with your domain name.

10# Register as soon as possible:

The inexpensive domain names sell quickly. Hence, register your domain names as soon as possible. GoDaddy can assist you in choosing alternating domain names. Do not give a chance to your competitors to use your name.