What is managed hosting and how it can help your e-commerce business?

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What Are Managed Hosting Services?

The services offered by web hosting companies to run an e-commerce website on multiple servers, VPS networks, or cloud is called managed hosting services. The web hosting providers manage software systems, hardware systems, and servers for your e-commerce business. The managed hosting services are perfect for high-traffic online stores, small online businesses with fewer IT staff members, online enterprisers, and websites that require heavy backend needs.

You will get support after selecting managed hosting services. The qualified support professionals respond to all issues affecting the performance of your website either in the front-end or back-end. If you want a reputable online presence, managed host services are the biggest investment for all sizes of businesses. It leaves a huge impact on your website from compromising on generating online sales.

This article includes comprehensive knowledge on how managed hosting services help to grow your online business.

What Are The Common Managed Hosting Services?
  1. Server and database monitoring
  2. Troubleshooting and offer technical support
  3. Hardware up-gradation
  4. Save data with a quick recovery option
  5. Maintain application patches and updates
  6. Detect malware and viruses via security scanning tools
  7. Back up flexibility

How Managed Hosting Services Improve Your Ecommerce Business?
1# Reduce unwanted problems:

The biggest flex of using managed hosting services is that it reduces unwanted problems. The professionals regularly check software compatibility, software update, security scanning, and monitoring of the performance to detect the problems at the initial stages. In fact, in-house technical experts cannot solve immediate issues while managed hosting services reduce all major errors in e-commerce websites.

2# Reduce employment cost:

The managed hosting services improve the quality and efficiency of your company by reducing additional employment costs. You can get 24/7 technical support for hosting solutions. It offers the flexibility to manage hosting solutions by maintaining the standards of your company. Hence, you can make savings to expand your product lines as well.

3# Improve loading speed of website:

If your website takes more than 3 seconds for page loading, you will reduce potential customers. The website optimization and slow server speed are two main causes of slow loading speeds. The managed hosting services identify all kind of performance issues. It safeguards your e-commerce website from abnormal damages and increases the rate of organic traffic.

4# Eliminate security threats:

The managed hosting services eliminate security threats such as data raid, distributed denial of service, hacking, ransomware, virus infections, and the list goes on. It secures your data and offers the highest security barriers to safeguard your information. It blocks unnecessary activities on your server that impose serious threats to your online presence.


The managed hosting services manage software configuration, software installation, hardware installation, system monitoring, and system maintenance. It also offers 24/7 customer support and technical guidance to administer your web presence. The managed hosting services take management responsibilities and eliminate error rates. However, different web host service providers offer different services. The selection of package depends on your requirements.