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Article Backlink Packages

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SEO Packages Article Backlink Packages Backlink Packages
Product Name Domain Age Google Index Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA) Alexa Price
SITE 1 3 750.000 24 26 1.250.000

(One Time)

SITE 2 5 1.254.860 38 42 3569

(One Time)

SITE 3 7 3.250.259 52 48 4520

(One Time)


SEO performs a significant role to drive organic traffic to your online brand. It creates awareness and familiarity among audience to establish trust. The use of accurate keywords, relevant content, and external and internal link building help to grab the attention of audience by placing your brand among top searches on Google. It boosts image of your website.

Redirects provide links between content on your website. However, 301 redirects offer 90%-99% link equity to the redirect pages. Similarly, 302 redirects pass less link equity and indicate temporary redirected pages. Meta refreshes redirects are usually associated with text. It passes certain amount of link equity. However, it is not recommended as a reliable redirect.

Meta tags are very important to summarize services offer by you. It must include meta keywords attribute, title tag, meta description attribute, and meta robots attribute. All these features help the search engine crawlers to find your page. By adding appropriate meta tags, your customers can quickly find a set of information and enable the search engines to know what your page is about.

Our Exclusive SEO Services:

Keyword Search:

It helps us to determine high density keywords to optimize all pages of a website. However, a keyword with high search volume and low competition is perfect to boost the presence of your website among search engines. Your customers can quickly find by typing relevant keywords. We add multiple keywords to target a large pool of users.

Keyword Optimization:

First, we avoid keyword stuffing and optimize your page with accurately placed keywords. We always add keywords in title, in first paragraph of introduction, H2, and dispersively in the rest of your content. We always choose a large list of keywords to optimize individual webpage to improve ranking. It generates traffic for your website and boosts image of your website.

Choose The Best SEO Strategy:

First, we identify goals of your website and find your competitors. We always keep in mind your geographical location and targeted audience. Then, select the most reliable SEO tools to find keywords. Rectify all the broken links and place meta tags in the right order. Identify the usability and page loading speed of your website to improve its overall ranking.

On-Page SEO:

It involves the utility of tactics to improve webpage ranking among search engines. It only involves content, keyword optimization, image optimization, Schema markup, and many other things. However, external links are not included in it.


The search engines rank your website on three things; content, keywords, and links. It helps Google to index your web pages by determining which web pages are the most relevant to your content. The rank of a page is determined by the quality and number of backlinks. Actually, backlinks offer a vote of confidence to your website to achieve a higher ranking. We provide backlink from Facebook, Scoop, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, Reddit